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HelloI'm Rebekah!

My Philosophy

I Believe...

You create your own reality based on your beliefs.

(Change your thoughts to change your life)

I Believe...

You attract what you are.

I believe...

Through confronting your pain, you release the shackles that keep you bound to your past, and transcend to the highest version of yourself. 

~ I AM ~

holistic healer

intuitive guide

relationship expert

mental health specialist

circle facilitator 

INFJ/#4 enneagram


Welcome to this cozy corner of the internet. Here, we are collectively striving to create a safe place that invites deeply transformative experiences. If you desire to connect with like-minded people and join a tribe of women who can support you and walk beside you. This is a safe place to ask questions, discover new answers, and expand into a greater anchoring and awareness of who you truly are. 

I use the knowledge I know and the wisdom I've inherited to help guide people back to their spiritual balance. Weaving my Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and a stoic flavor of spiritualism, I use my gifts to support a women's process as she enters into deeper feminine embodiment. With my clinical psychology training, I am able to offer conventional empirical methods towards healing. I use my sensitivity to energy to offer a spiritually intuitive perspective and empathetically attuned message to support your process. 


I believe that when you get honest with yourself and become clear in what you want, you become a powerful magnet of energy that draws to you more opportunities for genuine relationships. Doing "the work" can be difficult and confusing. But if you are ready, I have a plan that's tailored to your needs and designed to meet you where you're at! Let go of your shackles as you rise into magnetic feminine energy and take back your voice, your body, and your wisdom! To reclaim your feminine power and attract to yourself joyfully aligned relationships.

Let me know how I can support you on your journey!    



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