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The Magnetic Attraction Formula 

+ Exhausted from chasing unavailable love?
+ Do you feel like you lose yourself when you get into relationships?
+ Are you tired of repeating the same toxic relationship cycles?

Take yourself to the next level of your feminine power

+ See what  shows up for you! 


The Magnetic Attraction Formula is a 12-week private mentorship program designed to prepare you on both an energetic and emotional level to attract and maintain an authentic and lasting partnership or fortify an existing relationship


The Magnetic Attraction Formula is a one of its kind program that penetrates the deeper levels of your psyche to uncover and release your limiting beliefs, emotional triggers, unconscious conditioning, and other unresolved hang-ups that are holding you back from your full magnetic attraction power! 

Get clear about your core values.

Decide your relationship goals.

Confidently relax and receive.


The steps in The Magnetic Attraction Formula is a customized plan that is effective and powerful in helping guide you to new insights about your past/present relationships and gain new tools to apply to your current situation. Not only will you elevate your vibration but also expand your perspective and transform yourself into a powerhouse creator with limitless potential. No matter your lifestyle or pace, this program is designed to accommodate your needs in a way that meets your ultimate relationship goals.

By taking part in this program, you will learn how to connect to your intuition and confidently apply new methods to inspire deep attraction and manifest meaningful 



This sacred 12-week journey will focus on three core pillars:

1. Anchoring; accessing your intuitive awareness.

2. Expanding; as you awaken your inner goddess.

3. Attraction: as you consciously manifest aligned relationships.

Love yourself by investing in yourself and give yourself the gift of deeply loving relationships.


To ultimately unleash the goddess within you to effortlessly attract the real deal!


The Magnetic Attraction Formula gently and effectively leads you through passageways that expand your awareness as you find harmony and alignment with your whole self. This journey will open your heart and allow for deeper levels of intimacy that you deeply crave.


I would love to support you!

Let’s talk about your primary relationship goals

Magnetic Attraction Formula

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Join Our Weekly Tribe

A sisterhood circle

held weekly on Thursday evenings for 1 hour.


Online space where like-minded women can come together as a tribe and support each other as we reconnect, heal, and inspire our sacred feminine energy.


Receive support as you navigate the ups and downs of life and relationships! 

Message me for more details about dates and offerings

Sisterhood Circles

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