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Be Selfish & Save Yourself!

Why Saving yourself will also save others!

When was the last time you said "YES" to a party invite when you didn't want to go?

You received your friend’s party invite at the last minute and after a long debate you decide to skip your evening plans. !

You really don’t want to go to the party BUT you also don’t want your friend to be mad at you!

Begrudgingly you show up!

The door opens and you feel instant regret...

  • You see your ex is there with his new girlfriend!

  • Strangers are constantly bombarding you with questions about your dating history

  • And your gal friends are raving about a new dating app you need to try!

Immediately you wish you were at home or doing your own thing! Anything but be there!

And in my opinion...

It’s time for her to save herself!

Why do they say that?

Because she is in a bad mood and triggered by her ex she brings with her the wonderful gifts of regret, resentment, and annoyance!

Because of her mood/attitude/energy signals she is a vibrational mismatch for a party!


If she had chosen her first choice.

Her highest excitement.

Her choice for self-care

She would have had a better time and be better able to celebrate with her friend then or another day when she is in a better mood.

I may be criticized for this opinion but (more times than not) I think it’s okay to save yourself!!

I believe that prioritizing yourself is so important for your overall well-being (especially your spiritual and mental body).

When I say "SAVE YOURSELF" I know it sounds selfish but think about the “oxygen mask” demonstrations given before a flight. Every time we fly, we hear flight attendants sharing some variation of the oxygen mask rule: “Should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.”

Why? What could possibly be wrong with helping others first?

In the case of the airplane, oxygen masks are deployed in situations where the oxygen level has dropped dangerously low. Without our oxygen mask, we will quickly lose consciousness. If we don’t make putting on our mask our first priority, we will very likely not be able to help anyone.

The same could be said for your daily choices. Imagine if the person expressed above chose to prioritize herself by respectfully declining the invite? Chose instead, to take herself out somewhere nice to eat or for a long walk in nature to recharge. She would not have had to force herself to be at a party she didn't want to be… be confronted by people and emotions she didn’t want, and spread her "bah-hum-bug" attitude on a happy celebratory party.

If she chose herself first and took care of herself she would not have run into her ex and been triggered into an emotional state. She would've found her peace elsewhere and it would've been a win-win situation for everybody.

A win for her emotional health and a win for the livelihood of her friend’s party.

So "save yourself" ladies!

Then you can show up as your best self with a full tank of energy to invest in other things.

So would you have stayed at the party? gone home? Or not gone at all?

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In your corner,



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