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What Are Boundaries?

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

They are your limitations that serve your autonomy and freedom as an individual.

Boundaries are a tricky subject to me! Something I still struggle with. I feel like the is due to our society not really knowing or honoring the idea of boundaries and its inclusion in more modern rhetoric.

When was the first time you heard the word "boundaries" used?

I ask because I can't remember and I'm guessing somewhat that it showed up in my world in college. (Among my various feminist leaning classes)

So Here's an Introduction...

Boundaries Can Be:

• Physical and emotional distance/separation

• Impenetrable walls or barriers against others to make between you and others


• Personal limitations to which you will not allow or tolerate.

• A form of self-preservation in maintaining your sense of self, and protection of your overall


• An act of love and respect – including self-love and self-respect.

• A way of honoring yourself – your needs, wants, feelings, decisions, thinking and beliefs.

“Boundaries are the ultimate form of freedom!”

So we as a society are learning the breadth and depth of such a powerful word. I'm excited to break it down for you in my next couple blog posts.

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